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Jugando a Run Roo Run

Here we are one more Saturday to bring you a moment of fun with some exclusive game for your mobile device. This time we bring you the game Run Roo Run, where we will have to help mommy kangaroo to reach Sidney through a desert full of dangers to rescue her little one from the hands of the zoo that has hunted him. Will we make it?

Like every Saturday, we infiltrate Applesupportphonenumber from Xombit Games to bring you a moment of fun with some exclusive game for the portable devices of the Bite Apple company. This week’s game is called Run Roo Run , in which we will have to accompany mommy kangaroo to rescue her little one. We will analyse it for you below.

The game

Jugando a Run Roo Run
Jugando a Run Roo Run

The story is as follows : a zoo has kidnapped the puppy of our protagonist and has taken it to Sydney, so we must accompany the kangaroo, crossing all over Australia through a desert full of dangers so that she can rescue it. A simple story for a game that is not so simple.

The type of game is simple: 20 chapters with 15 levels each , which will give us some good hours of entertainment. In addition, each world has several levels of extreme difficulty, which can be unlocked at the end of the fifteen main levels. Each level consists of a screen full of obstacles , which we will have to avoid by clicking on the screen while our protagonist advances at a constant pace. It seems simple, and the first levels are, but as we advance the difficulty increases exponentially.

Graphics and sound

The graphics are very attractive , with a comic book type protagonist, nice backgrounds, which simulate the Australian desert and very fluid movements. The menus are very well designed and the map where to choose the levels simulates the path that our protagonist must take.

The music is very soft during the game, to help you concentrate , and the sounds are very accomplished, Australian style. The truth is that they don’t disturb the game at all, being very pleasant and helping to concentrate. When you’ve been playing for a while I don’t think you’ll even notice the music.


Although the AppStore is full of games of this type, this one in particular stands out for the simplicity of its graphics and for its soft and relaxing music . The controls are very simple, you just have to click on the screen to start the protagonist and jump when the time comes, and respond perfectly , without lags or jumps (except for the kangaroo). The large number of levels, some very simple and others quite a bit more complicated, plus the possibility of playing some levels in extreme mode, promise us hours of fun . The fact that we can share our scores with our friends, competing against them through Game Center, gives us another incentive to be able to improve ourselves and play again and again.

Run Roo Run

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The game is adapted to the Retina screen , plus it is universal , which means we can play it on our iPhone or iPad without any problem, and with , I don’t know what you’re waiting for to download it.

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