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Jugando a Little Masters

It’s Saturday again, so the boredom of the weekend is here until Monday comes again and we go back to work, right? Well, so as not to see the hours pass slowly and do something else useful (or at least entertaining), we bring you back one more week, from Xombi Games a game for your iOS device. This time we are going to talk about Little Masters, a small but interesting copy of Pokemon. Will you join us?

Since it’s already Saturday, and we don’t want to spend the weekend bored and lying on the couch, we’re going to show you a game for your funniest portable device , the iPhone. Soon you will be able to try it out on the new iPhone 5, but in the meantime we can use it on the “old” iPhone we have on hand. The name of the game is Little Masters , and we could say that it is “quite similar” to Pokemon games. Want to see it?

The game

Jugando a Little MastersJugando a Little Masters

Apparently you are a boy who lives with his uncle (why are all the main characters orphans?) and when you wake up one day, you find a monster egg in the garden . At that moment you become a Monster Master , who has to get more monsters and teach them how to fight other monsters, gaining power and forms of attack.

The story is very similar to that of Pokemon , although the game is much simpler, at least in my opinion. We won’t have to move around the world , because your uncle, to make things easier, puts up a sign inviting all the kids who have monsters to compete with you, to see who’s the best of them.

The game mode is simple: every time you win in a fight you get a monster egg , which you have to hatch in the stable for one hour. Once the monster has hatched, it has to compete with other monsters to level up. There are different types of monsters, with their different qualities, that make them better or worse to compete with each other. Every time you want to compete with another child, this one tells you how long you have to wait to compete against it, although you can’t wait by paying some coins you get during the game or by buying them with real money. Once you have collected five monsters , you can challenge your friends using Game Center . By the way, you must have an account on this network, because without Game Center you can’t play.

Graphics and Music

The typical 80’s , pixelated, big-headed but quite interesting. We don’t have a great map to move (really the character never moves from the site) but the environment is quite worked, and the characters and monsters that appear are of the style of the Super Nintendo Zelda . I like that these types of graphics come back because they’re nice and give a retro feel to the games.

The music is also that time, pleasant and catchy, although quite repetitive . It doesn’t bother, but it doesn’t add anything either, so we’ll probably end up playing without music. The sounds are typical of RPGs, without digitized voices or anything like that. They are very nice, and they make you remember the games of the 80’s.

App Store

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A fun game if you like Pokémon . Being able to compete with your friends through Game Center is an interesting addition, but being forced to have an account doesn’t seem so interesting to me anymore. I like the aesthetics in general, although I see it as a very static game , because you can’t move or look for competitors on the map. Having to wait constantly to be able to compete is also a nuisance, although we can skip the waiting times by paying money. But of course, being a free game , is the developer’s way of monetizing the game. Here’s a video where you can see the intro and a few minutes of the game, so you can get an idea of what the game is all about.

Little Masters