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Journey lands on iOS after successful PlayStation

One of the most prominent games in recent years has made its entry into iOS. From today you will be able to play Journey on your iPhone and iPad, thanks to the company thatgamecompany has launched it. After its release on PS3, PS4 and recently on PC, this adventure game is now available on Apple platforms.

In Journey you are a traveller wrapped in a tunic in the middle of the burning desert . Your goal is to reach a mountain that lies far on the horizon. To do so, we will be able to count on the help of anonymous online players with whom we will have to collaborate to help you advance. This feature is optional, so if you prefer you can go completely alone on your journey.

Journey lands on iOS after successful PlayStation
Journey lands on iOS after successful PlayStation

Journey was released as a game indie in 2012 for PS3. It would later arrive over the years on other platforms and has finally reached those of Apple. It is a production that many consider a work of art , because of its aesthetics, design, music and interactions without dialogue.

The developer thatgamecompany is also behind another long-awaited game called Sky: Children of the Light that came to Apple teams recently. Both games have a very similar aesthetic, but unlike Sky, Journey is a single pay game . Its cost of 5.49 euros makes it one of those few games that no longer require virtual currencies to advance faster or unlock extra features.

If you’re planning on downloading a game for the summer holidays, Journey is a great candidate.

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