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Jony Ive talks about new materials in The New York Times

The design of Apple’s products has always been one of the great attractions of its products , even for some people, the most important aspect of them, combining in a quite sublime way size, elegance and of course, quality of materials.

While yesterday we analyzed Tim Cook’s profile here, and the news we could expect from Apple, in addition to those related to the arrival of iWatch to the market, thanks to a report from The New York Times, today the same publication presents an interview with Jony Ive, director of Apple’s Design team .

Jony Ive talks about new materials in The New York Times
Jony Ive talks about new materials in The New York Times

Jony Ive, talks about how Cook has influenced design mainly since he took over the company. He says that Cook’s drive for innovation has been quite strong and that in particular, as far as he and his team are concerned, this drive has also led to them working on new materials , materials which are also expected to be the ones to match Apple’s products in the short and medium term.

Although the statements that The New York Times exposes seem to be vague and do not make clear in a more or less precise way what kind of materials or at least in which direction they are being worked, The most insistent rumours talk about sapphire crystal screens, alloys of Liquidmetal or one of the most fashionable and current materials whose properties are spoken about wonders, the graphene .

Also Ive, made a brief comment about the changes in the team in charge of the management and design of the software interface, minimizing the importance of them and implying that positions or denominations are not the yardstick against which to measure their peers.

In short, we have no choice but to wait and see what the future of Apple products is in terms of materials, since from the interview, and in summary of the above, we cannot say anything, nor does Ive herself shed any light on the matter, although as we have also commented, the sapphire crystal seems to be on the exit ramp for the two devices that are on the horizon in the near future, the iPhone 6 and the iWatch.