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Jony Ive spoke about the future of Apple Watch at the MET 2016 Gala


Besides giving a short speech during the MET 2016 Gala, Jony Ive gave an interview to the media ‘Business Fashion’ to talk about fashion in the age of technology (central theme of the event), and some more specific issues related to the apple company.

Jony Ive spoke about the future of Apple Watch at the MET 2016 GalaJony Ive spoke about the future of Apple Watch at the MET 2016 Gala

According to the interview article published by the fashion website, Ive believes that Apple is increasingly looking to the fashion industry to design more personalized products . In addition, for the executive, Cupertino’s firm has always had a “very unique approach” to designing products that are more familiar to people.

“We’ve always had a clear idea and a very unique approach to the way we design products to make them more familiar to people. I think it’s very difficult to have the same clarity when you’re not absolutely sure about the subject matter (you’re working on)” , said Ive.

Many may wonder at this point why Apple was present at this year’s MET Gala. Well, the apple company was the sponsor of the event this time because it was a union between the world of fashion and technology. The attendees were able to see more than 100 pieces of haute couture made with technologies such as laser cutting, thermal shaping and even, some of them made with 3D printers.

Business Fashion took advantage of the interview space with Apple’s chief designer to find out a little bit about the future plans of Cupertino’s firm and his smart watch. Although Jony Ive refused to give any great details on the subject, his words were similar to those recently spoken by Tim Cook, who also assured that the Apple Watch is a product that will give people something to talk about in the future.

“If we look back at the first generation of the iPod or iPhone, we see that what happened in the next two, three or four years was impressive (…) Of course, this is a new category for us, one that I think is so natural because we think of it in an authentic way . We are not being opportunistic like our competitors. We don’t think this is a category that is growing, this couldn’t be further from the truth” , concluded Ive.

In other words, Apple has wanted to express to us in recent days that its intelligent clock is in its first years of life and that it will not start to grow solidly until it has had several generations on the market .

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