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Jony Ive Named One of the World’s 100 Most Influential People

The latest issue of Time magazine has included Jonathan Ive among the 100 most influential people on the scene today. The designer of all Apple products has been recognized for his great work, not only in the world of industrial design but in the world of fashion in general. Jony, as he is known at Apple, has been able to transmit a design philosophy to all his products, creating a true global trend.

Jony Ive has been included in the category of artists in the ranking published by Time every year, in fact, its inclusion should not surprise us if we consider that there are hundreds of millions of devices around the world that carry the influence of design and Jony’s sensitivity.

Jony Ive’s design and sensibility are present in the products of millions of people around the world

Jony Ive Named One of the World’s 100 Most Influential People
Jony Ive Named One of the World’s 100 Most Influential People

Bono, the singer of U2, has been commissioned to write a short review about the artist. As you may remember, Bono had a strong relationship with Steve Jobs and both collaborated in the RED project, which allocates millions of dollars each year to the fight against AIDS. Without a doubt, the singer has perfectly captured Ive’s spirit:

Ive’s influence on all products will increase in the coming years as, while he is in charge of the design of all iPhone and iPad, he will also be responsible for the design of the user interface of Apple’s software (iOS and OS X included). Everything seems to indicate that we will see the first samples of Ive’s footprint with the arrival of iOS 7, but for the moment it is all mere speculation.

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