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Jonathan Zdziarski joins Apple’s security ranks

The well-known security consultant and analyst, Jonathan Zdziarski has been hired by Apple. This move is very much in favor of Cupertino’s as he is a specialist when it comes to iOS. His intervention during the conflict Apple had with the FBI last year, due to the San Bernardino issue, was very useful to counteract some issues that were unfairly attributed to Apple.

Is Apple shielding itself with the addition of Jonathan Zdziarski?

The analyst has a lot of experience with iOS and has presented several papers on it. He demonstrated in several versions of iOS that backdoors could exist to extract information , as well as notable flaws in some popular applications. It also provided insight into why Apple left the iOS 10 kernel unencrypted, and he himself witnessed the security of the mobile operating system evolve to its release to the public.

Jonathan Zdziarski joins Apple’s security ranks
Jonathan Zdziarski joins Apple’s security ranks

Having a lot of experience on the outside, now Zdziarski will be able to have all the Apple tools at his disposal and will surely be able to help Cupertino’s people to create a new operating system with less impact in terms of security flaws. His incorporation comes at a time when spying situations are being revealed by the CIA, and this could be a good pretext for Zdziarski to get to the bottom of this situation , as far as iOS is concerned.

It’s an official move, he said on his blog

It’s undoubtedly Apple’s best move so far this year, and will most likely be one of the star signings in a long time for Cupertino’s. Apple is always distinguished by having the best of the best, and when it comes to security they won’t be left behind. What do you think about the arrival of Jonathan Zdziarski to Apple? Will iOS be safer from now on? Share your thoughts in the comment box.