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Jonathan Ive gives an exclusive interview to the London Evening Standard

Sir Jonathan Ive, the man behind Apple’s most revolutionary designs, such as the iPod, iMac G3 and G4 and the latest iPad, gave an exclusive interview at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino.

It’s one of the rarest things to happen in the machine world. A personality like Jonathan Ive, Apple’s vice president of industrial design, has agreed to give an interview, from which we offer you an extract, in which he has been asked, in a very personal way, about his work in the company.

What makes Apple’s design different?

Jonathan Ive gives an exclusive interview to the London Evening Standard
Jonathan Ive gives an exclusive interview to the London Evening Standard

It’s hard to get the right words to describe Apple’s design process, but it has a lot to do with prototyping and decision making. If we want to design something new, we have to face the problems and challenges that will come with the new development. Solving these setbacks requires a very special approach. It requires a very rare combination of curiosity and optimism.

How does a new product come about at Apple?

What I love is the creative process, and this may sound naive. Living in that situation where one day you can’t think of anything new, where you can’t find the right solution and the next day you have everything figured out, is incredibly exciting. Watching an abstract idea taking shape with the first 3D models and seeing it change with the views of a large number of people is amazing.

What is the objective in creating a new product?

Our goal is very simple: To design and manufacture the best products. If you can’t do something better than what already exists, you won’t do it.

Why can’t the competition keep up with Apple?

Most of our competitors are interested in doing something different and I think that’s the wrong target. A new product has to be really better. That’s what drives us, a sincere and genuine appetite to always do our best.

You see. This is how a genius works in one of the world’s leading multinationals. The constant search for improvement, the obsession for refining the smallest detail and creative work define one of the most influential people in the creation of the star products of the giant of the bitten apple. If you are interested, you can read the full interview. It’s not wasted

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