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John Gruber and Wall Street Journal preview alleged new features of the iPhone 4G

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This doesn’t mean that the rumored iPhone nano that we’ve been speculating so much about will arrive: there would be two models of iPhone but in order for it to be sold in both AT&T and Verizon , ending the exclusivity of the first one. The phone that would be sold by Verizon would need different chips, so Apple would have decided to have it manufactured by another company (something that had been suspected before) and sell two different models, although equal in appearance: one for AT&T and another for Verizon. In the past, in order to curl the loop, we already saw how Verizon was testing prototypes of a new Apple phone.

John Gruber and Wall Street Journal preview alleged new features of the iPhone 4G
John Gruber and Wall Street Journal preview alleged new features of the iPhone 4G

In this way Apple would kill two birds with one stone , ending users’ complaints about the performance of AT&T’s mobile network by giving them an alternative and expanding the number of potential customers with an iPhone for those who decided to stay at Verizon. What could not be possible is to use both networks with the same iPhone model by changing the SIM card, since it would not be able to detect the coverage of the two operators because it would need other hardware.

But that’s not all. John Gruber, head of Daring Fireball, has mentioned some of the details mentioned in the Wall Street Journal article in a sarcastic way due to the lack of details of the aforementioned, but he has listed some features that he seems to know something about about the fourth generation iPhone.

According to John the next Apple phone will inherit the architecture present in the iPad, the A4 chip , which will provide it with an increase in power and performance. It will have the controversial front camera for video conferencing and will be able to manage several applications using multitasking, a rumour that has already gained strength recently.

The most interesting thing that John says has to do with the screen: according to him the iPhone 4G would have a resolution twice as high as the current iPhone , offering 960×640 pixels on screen. Being just double the resolution of current models, developers would not have to worry about the interface of their applications keeping its look and feel, just allowing for greater detail and of course, support for higher resolution videos.

In fact, as far as the screen is concerned, we have even a supposed video and some images (like the one you have above) that show us its aspect and characteristics. We leave you with the video in question, wondering if it will really fit so many pixels on a 3.5 inch screen.

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