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Job creation linked to the business of mobile applications

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Not long ago there was talk of US President Barack Obama telling Steve Jobs why he was not creating more jobs on American soil. Steve Jobs’ response was the usual one in these cases (the arch-name “throwing balls away”). And during the last week there have been data on the creation of Apple-related jobs , well, it would not be fair to focus only on Cupertino’s company, but on everything related to the new multi-touch mobile devices and their app stores .

Job creation linked to the business of mobile applications
Job creation linked to the business of mobile applications

Apple has positioned itself at the head of a market that is just beginning, together with other companies such as Google or Facebook, the development of applications and their economic data prove it. But the most interesting thing of all is the number of indirect jobs they are creating . As we can see in the infographic accompanying this article, the largest number of jobs fall in the United States. The company Trovit, creator of an Internet ad search engine, has been in charge of collecting the data.

The North American city where more iOS-related jobs have been created is Seattle, of the more than 26,000 jobs in the United States, 64% are for iOS and the remaining 36% are for Android . But that’s not all, since the ecosystem created by Apple (iOS, iCloud, iTunes) has reported around half a million jobs in the United States alone. Of the more than 3,000 jobs registered in Spain, the percentage is 58-42 for Apple. Leaving aside irrelevant rivalries, we see that the number of jobs generated is increasing and this is only good news for the current global economic situation.

Apple Store in Hong Kong

The numbers continue to flow, and both Apple and Microsoft agree that in the next three years will generate more than fourteen million jobs worldwide related to “Cloud Computing” , half of which will be taken by India and China. This brings us to about 6.8 million jobs that will move the 1.1 trillion dollars they expect to generate by 2015. The movements are already taking place, to take up positions again.

China is the great emerging country in Asia, the apple brand raises passions, as we have seen in the opening of the Apple Store in Hong Kong, or the launch of the iPhone 4S. Apple has more than enough money to invest and seems to want to use it, since iCloud will become a very important pillar within the company’s structure . The next three years are crucial. Beyond the mere presentation of physical products, we have before us what could be a turning point in the way we understand operating systems , be it OSX, Windows, Android, iOS, Windows Phone…


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