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Jawbone MINI JAMBOX review for Applesfera, quality Bluetooth speaker

When we have a small speaker in our hands, we often think that the sound is not going to match it and that it is not going to have a punch. It’s always good to be shown the opposite. Having a speaker that’s easy to carry, with excellent sound for its size and with additional functions, as well as excellent manufacturing with top quality materials is really possible thanks to the Jawbone MINI JAMBOX, a small speaker but with great sound quality .

Jawbone has sent us a unit for review and, without giving away much, the truth is that rarely have I had so much fun with a speaker at a test.

Characteristics of the Jawbone MINI JAMBOX

  • Size and weight: 154 mm x 58 mm x 24.5 mm, 255 grams Stereo playback thanks to two drivers and a passive bass radiator Microphone type 1
  • Connections:Bluetooth 4.0 (with BTLE)3.5 mm stereo input Micro-USB charging port Simultaneous connection of two devices at the same time
  • Battery About 10 hours of continuous playback thanks to its rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Unpacking the Jawbone MINI JAMBOX

Jawbone MINI JAMBOX review for Applesfera, quality Bluetooth speaker
Jawbone MINI JAMBOX review for Applesfera, quality Bluetooth speaker

In the box we have a representation of the speaker in its chosen color. We have nine different colours to choose from , some with different grid designs. The unit we are going to check is in silver and quite discreet. So you may want to choose another colour. Personally, I found red very nice when I saw it in a shop.

Be careful if you can’t see it outside the box if you are going to buy it, since the illustration of it is not at real size, being something bigger than its photograph.

The box opens in two parts. The speaker is at the top. Pulling on the divider that keeps it in the box gives access to a short instruction manual and a guide for safe use. You will also find a USB to micro-USB charging cable like the mobile phone chargers and a 3.5 mm stereo male-male cable for cable connection to a sound source.

Ignition and first impressions of the MINI JAMBOX

I hope you’ll sit down before you turn it on, because the unit makes a rather peculiar sound when it’s turned on and some of you will get a fright. As we do so, we see the power button light up around it in white. If we press it again a voice will indicate the battery level . A nice detail that will prevent us from getting hung up at the worst possible moment. The touch of the speaker is very good, as it is made of a whole piece of aluminium except for the two plastic sides.

At the top we have a configurable play and pause button as we’ll see later, and the volume control buttons. On the side we have the power button, Bluetooth synchronization button , the auxiliary audio input and the micro-USB input to recharge the battery.

Another detail. The feet of the unit are made of rubber so that the surface where we place it does not rumble, and it has small rubber feet so that the transmission of the vibration is minimal . A good detail, because if you have it in your hand you will see how the unit vibrates with the sound.

Jawbone MINI JAMBOX setup and sound

As you can imagine, connecting a Bluetooth source to the unit is no big mystery. All you have to do is press and hold the Bluetooth button for a few seconds and the voice that told you before will indicate that it is in pairing mode and is looking for the device to be paired with. Another advantage is that we can synchronize the unit with two devices simultaneously . So, we can have sound from our tablet and our phone at the same time. By briefly pressing the Bluetooth button the voice will tell us which devices are paired with the unit .

Sound test

It’s time to try out different audio and sound sources. Interestingly, and I don’t know if this is due to a problem with the MacBook Pro I’m writing from, the volume is not as loud as it is on my mobile phone and iPad. Unfortunately, there’s no information on the product website about the power of the unit, so I can’t give you that information. The maximum volume, without being deafening, manages to convince especially if the unit is in front of us. That’s why I have to tell you that the placement of the MINI JAMBOX is important when listening.

Another detail, the distortion at maximum volume is practically non-existent , so you can indulge yourself by turning it to “11” to enjoy your music, although as I say, don’t expect a disco volume in a speaker of its size.

Both the treble and the midrange and bass sound great for a speaker of its size and characteristics.

Another possible use is as a hands-free phone, as it has a built-in microphone. If you need a handsfree to take it with you and not miss any calls even if you are listening to music it can be a good option.

Additional options for the MINI JAMBOX

In addition to the accessories found in the box, it is possible to purchase separate covers to protect it when we take it out of the house and other adapters on your website. But we don’t need to spend more money to customize it. We can configure the voices and confirmation sounds of the MINI JAMBOX by downloading them from the internet and connecting the unit by cable to our computer from We can also customize the voice and change the language that will inform us of the status of the unit, devices that are linked and also the battery level as I mentioned before.

If we download the JAMBOX application available for iOS (and android) we will be able to play several sources from it, specifically iTunes, RDIO, Spotify and DEEZER , being able to add the playlists from those services.

Final evaluation of the MINI JAMBOX

JawboneEn Apple
You can see all of Jawbone’s experience in the field of Bluetooth headsets in the manufacture of the MINI JAMBOX. It is a speaker with a small size but that has an incredible strength in bass and mids for its dimensions , as well as a clear treble. It has also not spared any materials. The aluminium of the housing is really nice and gives the speaker robustness and presence. If I had to put some defect in it, it would be the little separation of the two stereo channels we have in the unit, but with its size little more can be done. The volume is not its strong point, but we can turn it up to the maximum without distortion.

The MINI JAMBOX is available in big surfaces (El Corte Inglés, KTuin, Media Markt,Crystal Media,…)and has a recommended price of 179,99 euros . Although it may seem a bit high, if we want quality we have to pay for it. And if the MINI JAMBOX has something to give and take, it is quality, both in sound and manufacture. The additional functions thanks to its mobile application are more than welcome. Recommended.

We are grateful to Jawbone for lending us a unit of the MINI JAMBOX for review. You can view Apple’s corporate relations policy here.

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