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Japanese electronic ID will have support for iPhone with iOS 13, bringing digital administration closer to citizens

The Japanese state is planning to launch an app that will allow the management of state digital services through the iPhone . Specifically, it is the My Number Card, which for practical purposes is very similar to the Spanish ID card. The development of the app is possible thanks to the opening of the NFC chip to developers that will be iOS 13.

Making the Japanese Civil Service More Accessible to Citizens

AppleInsider collects the news published in various digital media and on Twitter. According to Masanori Kusunoki, advisor to the Japanese government’s CIO, the iPhone will be able to read the NFC tags on the My Number Card . It will do so when the app responsible for reading it is deployed this fall for iOS 13.

Japanese electronic ID will have support for iPhone with iOS 13, bringing digital administration closer to citizens
Japanese electronic ID will have support for iPhone with iOS 13, bringing digital administration closer to citizens

From October 2015, every Japanese citizen will receive a card with the country’s social security and tax number. Known simply as My Number Card , it represents a major step forward for Japanese citizens and their relationship with the state:

This card is also valid as a method of identification, since it contains a photo of the owner and his personal data. Judging by the images, it is very similar to the DNI 3.0 we have in Spain . This Japanese card has a FeliCa chip, the brand name of the RFID smart card and contactless developed by Sony.

iOS 13 brings us closer to the day when we will no longer need a physical wallet

Just yesterday we saw some US universities making the leap to a sports ticketing system based on NFC protocol. Now we see how the day we can leave our wallets at home is closer than we thought. And the one responsible is iOS 13.

From this version of iOS, the iPhone will be able to support ISO 7816 , ISO 15693, FeliCa and MIFARE protocols. It is unclear at this time whether all iPhone models that are compatible with iOS 13 will support all of these new formats.

At AppleU.S. college sports tickets will have NFC Wallet support and an anti-fraud system

The DNI 3.0 that is distributed among Spanish citizens since 2015 supports the ISO 7816 standard, precisely the one opened with iOS 13. This means that the iPhone should be able to read the content of the DNI and present the data inside it. This opens up interesting possibilities, as both ends (user and administration) can start communicating with each other.

The iPhone with iOS 13 is going to be able to read our ID 3.0, now the question is whether the Public Administrations will develop digital services that support it

However, significant development work would be required from public administrations. The process for making online transactions with the public administration that would require the DNIe is very complicated. It requires obtaining digital certificates issued by the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre , which often causes problems in its configuration and is only supported by certain browsers (Firefox or Chrome).

That could change from now on. An app could read the DNI 3.0 of a user and authenticate him or her to enter certain public administration services and carry out transactions. And when it comes to identifying oneself to the police or other authorities, it would be enough to bring the DNI to an iPhone in the case of Apple users.

The technology that makes it possible is already here. Now, the ball is on the roof of the administrations .

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