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Jailbreak to iOS 7.1.1, Anything Unnecessary?

Is the Jailbreak less useful now than before?

More and more, many users are asking or are asking us if it is useful or necessary to do the Jailbreak to their iPhone or iPad. Although the decision depends on each one, here we leave you some of the reasons why we think that JB is, nowadays, something unnecessary for Apple devices .

I still remember when I did an article like this but with reasons why I didn’t do the Jailbreak for iOS 7. At that time a lot of people jumped on me and criticized my opinion. However, I still think the same as almost 8 months ago, doing it to our devices now is not what it used to be .

Jailbreak to iOS 7.1.1, Anything Unnecessary?
Jailbreak to iOS 7.1.1, Anything Unnecessary?

I remember when with iPhone 4 I used to make the JB to change the themes, because iOS 5 or iOS 6 were quite outdated with respect to the style of the competition, because we lacked widgets or shortcuts, to test apps downloaded directly from the iPhone for free and to test with tones and sounds for my notifications.

Just as at one point it seemed right to me to install the iOS 7 betas despite the fact that many apps failed with it, a few years ago I thought that doing the Jailbreak , being exposed to forced restarts, apps that close suddenly and having to delete everything over and over again because some tweak I was testing failed to compensate for having the JB on my iPhone or iPad.

Apple’s work is very good and that subtracts from Jailbreak users

However, even if some people say that I have grown up, the truth is that I prefer to have a device that doesn’t give me any problems at all to a device that can give me some problems throughout the day . Besides, even if some of you think that I don’t, if for some strange reason my Lightning connector stops working and I have the Jailbreak done, I have a big problem because I lose the warranty and I can’t restore it and leave it perfectly before going to the Genius Bar.

However, in my opinion there are two reasons why fewer and fewer people are doing the Jailbreak to their devices. One is that Apple is working better and better, many users like iOS 7 and don’t want to change it . And the second reason is that many users used to install JB to hack apps, as it is getting harder and harder, they don’t do it anymore.

Although many will tell you that this is the main objective of the Jailbreak, this is not the case. The main advantage of this procedure is that it allows us to play iOS developer and customize the system almost at will as we enter the system files and can easily modify them .

As always, this is just my opinion, however have you stopped using the Jailbreak? why? Or on the contrary, why do you defend it?