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Jailbreak iPhone 5 iOS 7 con Evasi0n7

A few weeks ago, to everyone’s surprise, the group Evad3rs, which at the time already got the jailbreak of iOS 6, launched its tool to perform it in iOS 7. The tool is called Evasi0n7 and allows us to perform the JB of our device with iOS 7 in less than 5 minutes .

Today we are going to see how we can do the Jailbreak of our iPhone 5 with iOS 7. Why would we want to do the JB on our iPhone? For example, to be able to access Cydia, a store of applications and tweaks parallel to the App Store.

What do we need?

  • An iPhone 5 with a charged battery.
  • A Windows computer or a Mac with OS X
  • A USB cable to connect our iPhone 5 to the computer.
  • Download the evasi0n7 tool for Mac or Windows (Here you can download it)
  • Have iOS version 7.0.4 or lower installed.


Jailbreak iPhone 5 iOS 7 con Evasi0n7
Jailbreak iPhone 5 iOS 7 con Evasi0n7

First of all, it is very important that we remember some steps prior to performing the jailbreak:

  • It is extremely important to back up our device.
  • Check that your iPhone 5 has enough battery power.
  • Disable your iPhone 5 passcode, it can cause problems.
  • Avoid using your iPhone for other things while the jailbreak process is taking place.
  • If the process stops at some point, it is important to restart both evasi0n7 and your iPhone (by pressing the power and home buttons at the same time) and start the process again.
  • If you do the process on a Mac with OS X 10.8, you may get a message that the program cannot be opened. If this happens to you, just right-click on the icon and select “open”.
  • Finally, if the last update to your iPhone 5 was done via OTA, it is important to restore your iPhone to iOS 7.0.4 via iTunes, as “Over the air” updates may cause the jailbrek to not work.

All clear and ready? Perfect! Let’s watch a video that explains how to perform the iOS 7 jailbreak and then we’ll see step by step how to do it.

Steps to perform the Jailbreak to the iPhone 5 iOS 7 with evasi0n7

  1. As we mentioned in the needs section, the first thing we have to do is download the evasi0n7 tool.
  2. Once we have it downloaded, we will open the application by double clicking on the icon.
  3. We will connect the iPhone 5 to the computer using the USB cable.
  4. The tool will detect that the device has been connected and the Jailbreak button will be activated.
  5. When we are ready, we will click on the Jailbreak button. The process will start.
  6. Shortly after starting, we’ll see a message on the iPhone screen asking us to unlock the phone, look for an icon called Evasi0n7 and press it. The process will continue.
  7. Soon after the process will be completed and the tool will ask us to unlock the iPhone again. That’s it! We now have Cydia available on our iPhone 5!

At this point we can close the Evasi0n7 tool and disconnect our iPhone from the computer. What do you think? Very easy, right?

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