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Jailbreak iOS 8 Achieved Days After Submission

In just 3 days…

On Monday Apple officially presented iOS 8 and hackers have only needed about 72 hours to make the Jailbreak . Only three days after its release , the first image has appeared confirming that iOS 8 has been successfully jailbroken, which is great news for all those users who use this technique to have more freedom with their device. This is great news for all those users who use this technique to have more freedom with their device. If this is the case, when the company of the block releases the version for all users, they will not have to wait long to update their devices and not lose it.

However, at the moment we still do not know if Cydia works or not in this new version of Jailbreak for iOS 8. In addition, we should not forget that we are still with the first beta of the operating system and that until its official release Apple will release more betas in which they could fix the current vulnerabilities.

Jailbreak iOS 8 Achieved Days After Submission
Jailbreak iOS 8 Achieved Days After Submission

The hacker who has achieved the Jailbreak in iOS 8 has been Stefan Esser (i0n1c) , who has shown through his Twitter account the first image that confirms it.

The Jailbreak will be ready before the end of WWDC14

We must admit that we were impressed by how quickly Jailbreak was achieved on this occasion. Although we have to take into account that the scene has changed a lot in the last few years. When I started taking my first steps it was just a small community and now they have a large number of user followers who are waiting expectantly for the arrival of new versions compatible with the latest system releases from Apple.

The Jailbreak offers endless possibilities to customize your device , whether it is an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Thanks to Cydia we can get applications that allow us to add new features, change others and give it a totally different touch, something that many users miss being able to do with iOS.

It should also be acknowledged that the company has opened more doors, both to users and developers with iOS 8 , although it remains to be seen how things will develop over the next few weeks.

Will we see Jailbreak in the final version of iOS 8?

While waiting for the official release of iOS 8 we wonder if Apple will be able to fix all the vulnerabilities that make the Jailbreak possible. It is well known that the company has been fighting for a long time to try to avoid this kind of modifications , however hackers manage to get in and make it possible.

At the moment, as they say in iOSHacker, we have the first JB compatible with the latest Apple mobile O.S. made by i0ni1c, but there is still a long way to go and the final version of the operating system could be much more difficult to hack .

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