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Jailbreak for iOS 9

Good news for jailbreak lovers. The next version of iOS, version 9 that came out last Monday , already has a group of developers behind it creating the jailbreak for it.

Liang Chen is a member of the Keen Team, a team of developers with an eye on the upcoming iOS jailbreak that will be compatible with iOS 9 . For now they are testing all the possibilities offered by iOS 9 beta 1, and they say that the road will be long, but they hope to achieve it.

Jailbreak for iOS 9
Jailbreak for iOS 9

Ideally, they will launch it right after the official iOS 9 release in September. However, in order to do so, they need to be able to crack Apple’s system, which is a difficult task for which they may ask for help from Pangu’s team, the protagonists of the jailbreak for iOS 8.

These words from Liang Chen are a relief for fans of the jailbreak , who have been without a new compatible version for a couple of months. Anyway, Keen Team isn’t just any fan group, they have already won over 60 thousand dollars for breaking Safari in iOs and recently they also released a tool to rotate the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Remember that the last version of iOS that could be jailbroken is 8.1.2 , but we haven’t had exploits capable of breaking iOS 8.3 or iOS 8.4, maybe the developers haven’t even complicated themselves knowing that iOS 9 is coming.

It will be a couple of months before we see the final version of iOS 9 and with it presumably a tool to perform jailbreak. Although, currently, with all the possibilities that iOS offers, who needs jailbreak?

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