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iWork for iCloud Now Available in Spanish and More Languages

Apple updates iWork Suite for iCloud with new languages

iWork Suite, Apple’s productivity tools needed an upgrade to support the new operating system. Last Friday, Apple, updated iWork for iCloud with new languages for its three main productivity tools : Pages, Numbers and Keynote, extending the internationalization of its productivity. The languages that have been translated and are supported are Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Arabic, and Hebrew, a range of possibilities that brings many users closer to these three applications. Remember that these three productivity tools are free from the newest devices.

In addition, Apple has added 50 new fonts to the Pages application, including possibilities for Arabic and Hebrew. But this is not the only thing that this application has achieved, the cloud word processor can also remove section jumps, rename a document that has already been written, drag graphics or photos and move or resize the table legends; a good update that makes the use of this work tool like iWork easier.

iWork for iCloud Now Available in Spanish and More Languages
iWork for iCloud Now Available in Spanish and More Languages

Obviously, Numbers and Keynote have also been updated to include these languages and even the 50 new fonts that we mentioned earlier. They can also hide or show the browser in the slides and have obtained improvements in the graphics, just like Pages. Keynote makes presentations easy and straightforward, and Numbers contains a variety of professional spreadsheet templates to extend the functionality of iWork.

On the official iCloud website, you can see that by logging in to one of the three applications in the iWork suite in beta, you’ll find all the updates. In order to test iWork Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for iCloud, you must use Safari 8 or higher, Firefox 22 or higher, Google Chrome 28 or higher on a Mac, and Internet Explorer 10 on a PC . They are accessible to anyone who has a free cloud account offered by Apple to its customers.

The release of iOS 8 brought news

We recently told you that Apple decided to upgrade the iWork suite with the release of iOS 8. These applications are completely free for new users with more up-to-date devices, while older users will have to pay 8.99 Euros to have them on their devices. These apps are designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, which have also received support for iCloud Drive.


It is a spreadsheet application for iPhone and iPad, which offers more than 250 functions and has more than 30 pre-designed Apple templates.


If you prefer to make presentations quickly and easily, Apple offers a wide range of themes, graphics and animations.


It’s Apple’s word processing application. Easy to use, it has a variety of tools and functions that allow us to create reports and documents with the help of templates.

As we learned from the Appleinsider guys, how do you feel about language expansion in Apple’s productivity applications?