iWatch would break all of Apple’s sales records

It has not yet been released, it has not even been presented, or even confirmed by Apple, but there are already specialists who are venturing into iWatch sales and profit estimates .

Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty says in a report released today that first-year sales of Apple’s wearable would exceed even the impressive 12 million obtained on the iPad in its debut , a figure that is at least considerable.

iWatch would break all of Apple’s sales records
iWatch would break all of Apple’s sales records

The central argument of the report, on which it is based to estimate these sales, is that with the iWatch, Apple launches a natural accessory of tens of millions of existing iOS devices , with a much more established and clearer market than the one that existed at the launch of the iPod or the iPhone. This would open up the market to both existing iPhone or iPad owners and new buyers of Apple products.

To obtain these estimated figures of $17.5 billion in the first year, Huberty estimates a selling price of $299 , and simulates a situation without supply chain cuts, which is too ideal. If there were, revenues would fall to a range of $10 billion to $14 billion, but would still exceed those of the first iPad.

It is true that Apple has not yet officially said anything about it , but, as we have told you today, analysing the hiring of people related to sport or health that he has been doing in recent times, the investments in infrastructure and research and even the statements that Tim Cook makes from time to time, analysts are increasingly confident in his presentation.

It remains to be seen whether these predictions will come true, and iWatch is as much in demand as the analysts’ reports say it is, although for that to happen, its existence must first be officially confirmed. For my part, I do not know if sales will be as expected by this report, but I do believe that the fact that the iWatch is an add-on for the iPhone and iPad, is a detail that makes you leave with much ground gained .

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