iWatch May Predict Heart Attacks

New rumors suggest that Apple would like to make iWatch capable of predicting heart attacks

At this point in the game something that virtually everyone knows is that the future Apple smartwatch seems to be that will not just be an ordinary smart watch , but also will have biometric sensors and will be related to health , well-being and fitness. Well, to these rumors we must add a new one that talks about a new function for the iWatch that would be a revolution in the world of intelligent accessories.

Apparently, Apple would be working to incorporate a technology into iWatch that would be able to predict a heart attack . This is undoubtedly great news since that person would be able to put a remedy, call emergencies, etc. thus increasing the chances of survival, and it should be noted that every year hundreds of thousands of people die from heart disease.

iWatch May Predict Heart Attacks
iWatch May Predict Heart Attacks

Thomas Lee and David R. Baker comment in a publication in the San Francisco Chronicle that Apple has hired a renowned sound engineer named Tomlinson Holman to develop software and hardware that allows iWatch to listen to the flow of blood and to warn when symptoms of a heart attack are present .

He is not the only specialist hired by Apple lately

If we look back a few weeks, we can see how in recent times Apple has been hiring different specialists in different fields, all closely related to medicine. For example, they have hired a sleep expert and recently a medical sensor expert, which has raised the alarm about the possibility that they are developing a non-invasive control technology to be incorporated into iWatch that will allow them to monitor and evaluate different factors related to the world of health and fitness.

However, we should not forget that at the moment all this is just rumour and there is nothing confirmed, so many of these features may not be included in the company’s new device in the end, leaving them in the lurch. Moreover, as they say on the BusinessInsider website, there are still many months to go before Apple makes the iWatch official. Let’s remember that according to rumors it will be presented in the last quarter of the year. Even so, these rumors serve to give us an idea of how they might be approaching smartwatch at Apple .

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