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iWatch May Come to the Stores in Two Different Versions

The iWatch could come with two different screen sizes

As we mentioned yesterday, two of Apple’s most “mysterious” products are iWatch and iTV. These are two products that, although we’ve been hearing rumours about them for a long time, we still haven’t seen any strong evidence that they exist. Yesterday we talked about Ming-Chi Kuo’s prediction about the possible iTV, today it’s time to talk about iWatch.

Analyst David Hsieh, of NPD DisplaySearch , has commented that the Cupertino’s rumored smart watch will be available in two sizes, one with a 1.7-inch screen more oriented to men and another with a 1.3-inch screen more oriented to women .

One iWatch for men and one for women

iWatch May Come to the Stores in Two Different Versions
iWatch May Come to the Stores in Two Different Versions

This is not the first time Hsieh talks about the possibility of the iWatch coming in two different sizes. The analyst says that the smart watch will have a flexible AMOLED screen with a resolution of 320×320 pixels , but that the women’s version will have a slightly smaller screen, being 1.3 inches instead of the 1.7 inches that the men’s version will have.

According to the Korean Herald:

What Hsieh did not say is whether the screens would be flexible, but sources who have leaked the information have commented that it is most likely, as Apple will want to outshine Galaxy Gear, the smart watch of its strongest competitor, Samsung.

The report also states that Apple’s iWatch could be launched even before the end of 2013, although taking into account that it is already mid-November, it is unlikely that Apple will make a new keynote before the end of the year, so we will probably have to wait until 2014 .

NPD DisplaySearch also recently stated that, as explained in iPhonehacks, Apple has moved away from its television plans to focus on portable devices .

Tim Cook said some time ago that in 2014 we would see Apple enter new markets and also that he considered “clothing technology” as a very interesting area, so it is clear that iWatch will see the light sooner rather than later. What would you think?

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