iTV Shows 3, Don’t Miss a Single Chapter of Your Favorite Series

Who hasn’t heard of the famous international series Breaking Bad, House, Game of Thrones, Homeland or Lost? Or the national series like The Boat, Physics or Chemistry or Blue Summer? Not to mention the success among children and pre-teens of the Argentinean series Violetta. If you are a fan of the series or you are simply hooked on one of them and you want to know more about its development, characters, plot, actors, actresses and much more, iTV Shows 3 will help you to find out everything about your favourite series.

iTV Shows 3, information about TV series and much more!

iTV Shows 3 is a universal application that brings the world of TV series to our mobile devices. By accessing worldwide databases that contain all the information about the series, we will always have available all the information about your favorite series. We will know how many chapters each season has, which characters are involved in them, the plot of each chapter (in case we have missed any) and which TV channels are broadcasting it. It doesn’t matter if the series is old or modern ; from the famous and acclaimed The Roper or Blue Summer to the current ones The Time Between Stitches, Isabel or Homeland. Everything about our favorite series can be learned with this application.

Design and user interface

iTV Shows 3, Don’t Miss a Single Chapter of Your Favorite Series
iTV Shows 3, Don’t Miss a Single Chapter of Your Favorite Series

The application offers a design completely adapted to the style of iOS 7. After starting the application for the first time, you will enter the “My Series” option which will be empty. To access the series information, use the magnifying glass on the top right. You can search both by series name and by year of broadcast .

We must take into account that if the name of the series has not been translated into Spanish, its original name must be given. The application will show us the list of series that meet the search you have made and we can select the series that interests us, going to our screen “My series”. In this screen, we will be able to see which was the last chapter filmed and the next one that will be made as well as the TV channel that will broadcast it and the date.

The key to the series: tracking

To have more information about a series we will click on it and it will show us a list of chapters by season. For each episode we’ll see the episode number for that season, the episode title, its air date and a mark to keep track of the series indicating whether or not we’ve seen that episode. Everything is simple and accessible so that we always know what we have left to see.

You can find out more about a particular chapter by clicking on one of them, the summary of the chapter will appear, how long ago it was broadcast and we can share this information with our friends using the most popular social networks. On the same screen, there is a button that allows you to access all the information about the series: the summary, the characters, actors and actresses and much more.

Advanced features

iTV Shows 3 is full of improvements over its previous version:

  • Genius: thanks to this module we will find new series similar to the ones we are following and we will be able to access the ones that are successful at the moment.
  • Broadcast calendar: we won’t miss any chapter of any series we follow, thanks to the notices on the calendar.
  • Synchronization: It will keep all our devices synchronized so that we always have all the information available.
  • Statistics: it will tell us how much time we have spent watching our favorite series and how many episodes we have left to watch.
  • It will inform us of the date and channel of broadcast of the “premier” chapters so that we can enjoy the series from its first minute of broadcast.

The best of iTV Shows 3

No more getting lost in a TV series. iTV Shows 3 brings the world of series to mobile devices for our enjoyment. With a clear and clean design, this universal application, designed for iOS 7 , offers us the possibility to know all the details and secrets of any series. In addition, the built-in calendar will help us not to miss any chapter of the series we follow.

What can be improved from iTV Shows 3

If you can put a “but” on it, it would indicate that the search engine should be improved and made more powerful to locate, for example, series by the actors who play them. Also, in some series, the Spanish television channel that broadcasts it is not shown. For example, Homeland is broadcast on Cuatro but only Showtime is shown.

Download iTV Shows 3 for iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone

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