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iTunesMyWalkman: Sync photos and music


Despite being a constant user of my iPod, there are times when I replace it with my mobile phone to avoid having so much junk in my pockets. So I always have some music on the memory card.

iTunesMyWalkman: Sync photos and musiciTunesMyWalkman: Sync photos and music

Until now, I always had to play them in a “regular mp3 player” style, opening folders and selecting songs to play them with Finder. This happens because not all of us have the wonderful iPhone yet, so I had to find methods to manage the content of our terminals in the easiest way possible.

In my case, I have a Sony-Ericsson, I found an application called iTunesMyWalkman that makes everything very easy. It allows us to manage the content just like we do with our iPod and it’s free.

Once we start the application, this window appears giving us three options: Install Action Folder , which allows us to detect when we connect the phone and starts synchronizing. Script for iTunes , a script to be able to use iTunes without starting the application. And the options for Sync Now and Edit Preferences .

If we select Edit we’ll be able to configure the application as we please. To start choose the path of the “Audio” folder on the phone. Playlist , where we mark which playlists are synchronized. Encoding which allows us to change the format of the songs on the fly so that, for example, they take up less space even if they lose some quality. And the Camera tab , with which we decide whether to just pass the images to our hard drive or add them to iPhoto.

For Nokia users there is a similar application we told you about earlier, Nokia MultiMedia Transfer. But keep in mind that only works for the N or E Series.

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