iTunes won’t broadcast The Interview, YouTube will

Whether it is an advertising campaign by Sony, or really a diplomatic conflict between the United States and North Korea and the Japanese company Sony through the release of the film The Interview, the truth is that both the film and the consequences for Sony that have had to want to publish it at all costs, have had a world-class impact , and few people are left in much of the world who do not know about this film and the conflict it has caused .

That something was going to happen, it was possible to intuit it since months ago, since North Korea had been threatening Sony for some time if it dared to go ahead with the film project it had in its hands, a comedy about North Korea, its leader and about the dictatorship. The truth is that after the threats, days before the film was released, Sony suffered a computer attack that caused the leak of documents, films and details of its productions that Sony kept with suspicion .

iTunes won’t broadcast The Interview, YouTube will
iTunes won’t broadcast The Interview, YouTube will

Although North Korea has not admitted that the attack was due to their orders, it seems difficult to doubt it . The fact is that Sony will eventually broadcast the film in a restricted way and that the United States responded to the attack, by making it difficult to use the internet in the northern part of the Korean peninsula .

What does all this have to do with Apple? It seems that since Cupertino have not wanted to position themselves in this conflict , at least publicly and notoriously, since Apple has refused to offer in streaming from iTunes the film , as Sony wished.

The causes can be various, from Apple wanting not to unleash the wrath of North Korea and suffer an attack by the same that violates its security and uncovers failures in its system, to not wanting to anger China , the great ally of the Korean dictatorship in Asia and with which Apple wants to maintain excellent relations in order to remain in the market of the Asian giant and facilitate its business there.

What is clear is that in the end North Korea did not succeed in its move by computer attack . It will get some restriction of the film in cinemas thanks to the threats to Sony and the viewers, although it loses many more, since as we said, they have also received a computer attack, and to top it off, Sony seems to have left them a great Christmas present in the form of the diffusion of the film through YouTube, so many people will be able to access the film for free, thanks to Google .

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