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iTunes U on the App Store

iTunes U provides teachers with everything they need to teach the class with an iPad: creating lessons from apps and each teacher’s material, collecting and grading assignments, starting class discussions or conversations with students to answer their questions and send them feedback.

In addition, iTunes U gives anyone with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch access to a vast collection of free educational content through public courses from top schools, universities, museums, and cultural institutions.

iTunes U on the App Store
iTunes U on the App Store

For teachers:

– Plan your lessons, grade assignments and stay connected, all directly from your iPad.
– Add your own teaching materials (spreadsheets, links, photos and videos) from a number of document providers.

– It involves all students through apps, books, videos, podcasts and many other materials.
– Use the built-in annotation tools to add instructions or comments in PDF files and photos.
– Check when students have seen or completed their assignments, or remind them when to turn them in.
– Use the view of a single student to offer individual attention in parent meetings.
– Answer questions and send video explanations or initiate group discussions with the entire class.
– Academic institutions that use Apple School Manager and managed Apple ID can import class lists to streamline course creation.

– Teachers affiliated with qualified institutions can post courses to the iTunes U catalog for anyone to view for free on iOS devices.

For students:

– View course assignments and updates in one place, and mark assignments you complete.

– Send your work from other apps or as PDF files or photos with annotations for the private courses.

– Open audio or video files directly in other apps.
– Ask teachers questions or receive their comments through personal messages.
– Start group discussions with the class, or join one.
– Check your grades and the teacher’s comments on all the assignments you have done.

Explore a wide range of free educational content:

– Choose from a wide variety of free classes, videos, books, and other resources on a variety of topics from leading educational and cultural institutions around the world, including Stanford, Yale, MIT, Oxford, McGill, La Trobe, the University of Tokyo, the National Prado Museum, the Smithsonian network libraries, the U.S. National Theater, and many others.
– Share your favorite courses with friends through Twitter, Facebook, Mail and Messages.


iTunes U stores information about your activity in the app, such as the materials you upload. To improve the app, iTunes U collects non-personally identifiable information related to app usage and browsing history of public content. The data will be retained until steps are taken to delete it by one of the available methods.


– To participate in courses, an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is required.
– To use the integrated PDF and photo annotation tool, an iPad (4th generation) or later, or an iPad mini 2 or later is required.

– In order to publish public courses on iTunes U, teachers must be affiliated with a qualified institution.

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