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iTunes, the music industry revolution

Almost a decade and a half ago, on April 28th 2003, Apple launched the first online platform where you could buy songs digitally . But surely they didn’t expect such an explosion, which changed the music industry to what we know today.

iTunes revolutionized the music market worldwide , without any doubt about it. They started selling songs for 99 cents on the dollar 14 years ago and now they are the first reference to success in the music industry and the recording world. They not only sold songs but also books or even movies, which made giants like Google or Amazon start to generate a lot of interest.

iTunes, the music industry revolutioniTunes, the music industry revolution

Being more convenient, faster and in many cases cheaper, iTunes gained popularity at a speed that would make any other project look ridiculous, no matter what brand it was.a few years earlier, in 2001, the company of the apple, released the gadget that would complement iTunes perfectly: the iPod.

When Apple’s father and creator, Steve Jobs, announced the iPod in 2001, users of the brand began to see more sense in it, and that brings more advantages, when it comes to buying not only music, but also any kind of entertainment on iTunes.

Over the years, for any Apple customer, iTunes has become an essential digital tool in everyday life, because it didn’t make sense to have an iPod if you couldn’t make corresponding use of it. It wasn’t until 2007, when again Steve Jobs, launched the first generation iPhone, also called the original iPhone or iPhone 2G, this device also used iTunes to sync its media folders.

Sad but true, the sales index of iPods in recent years, has fallen considerably , due to this, the increasingly better Apple smartphones, which have as standard all the tools that any iPod can put at your fingertips and being at the same time a mobile phone.

Although in 2015, with the release of the iPod Shuffle, the number of units sold rose for a certain period of time, but soon dropped . Apparently it brought nostalgia to the company’s veteran users simply because its small size made it very comfortable and easy to fit into the stressful day-to-day life of our society today.

Still, both iTunes and the iPod, marked a turning point in the digital industry , being the pioneers in selling multimedia content in such a novel way. What will the future hold? In view of the above, Apple does not stop innovating, so if it has been 10 years since the first iPhone was released, what will be in store for us in another ten years?

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