iTunes says it wants to set up my iPhone as a new one, why?

Lately I’ve come across more than one case that is confusing because of this. You’ve been able to set up an iPhone completely independently for years now, without depending on any computer, thanks to the advances in iOS. But even so, sometimes it’s still good to have a Mac or a PC with iTunes at hand .

And that’s when the user might connect the iPhone to that computer and find the following message in iTunes: Do you want to set this iPhone up as a new terminal or restore it with a backup ? The option to set it up as a new iPhone leads to the idea that all data will be deleted, which causes the user to lock up.

iTunes says it wants to set up my iPhone as a new one, why?
iTunes says it wants to set up my iPhone as a new one, why?

When iTunes launches that message it is probably because is the first time you connect that iPhone on that computer . Either that, or it’s the first time you’ve done a restore of that iPhone on its own or with another computer.

The two options presented to you make you think there are only two choices: either delete the terminal and set it up as a new one or delete it to restore it from a backup that is stored on the machine. This is not the case. The first option does not delete the data on the phone , but respects all the settings on the phone and simply offers to synchronize its data with the computer.

In other words, if you have an iPhone that you sync your personal data to via iCloud and connect it to a Mac with iTunes for the first time, tapping the option to set it up as a new phone won’t delete anything. It will respect that iCloud sync , locally back up your phone (which you can cancel at any time if you don’t want it to), and offer to sync your music and photos between your computer and your iPhone.

If you choose to restore your iPhone from a backup, then your data will be deleted and replaced by whatever is on that backup

So, yes, we can rest assured. If we choose the first option in iTunes (setting up the iPhone as a new terminal), we won’t lose any data. We will if we choose to restore it from a backup , because it involves deleting everything on the phone before rescuing everything on that backup.

This is simply a trace of the old management of the iPhone via iTunes. Dialogs have fallen a bit behind and can lead to confusion, and as time goes by this phone sync mode will disappear.

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