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iTunes Radio in Spain

iTunes Radio in the U.S. makes it easy Would you like to be able to enjoy iTunes Radio without living in the U.S.? This is possible thanks to a simple trick that we can apply on our iTunes computer or on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch itself. The steps to follow are very simple and we’ll detail them below, so you can listen to and discover new music thanks to iTunes Radio.

By now I’m sure you all know what iTunes Radio is, and if not I recommend you to read the interesting article we published a couple of months ago. As you might guess, iTunes Radio is currently only available in the United States , and this is basically because of the agreements Apple has with the record companies.

iTunes Radio in Spain
iTunes Radio in Spain

However, it’s not hard to get around this restriction because to use iTunes Radio from outside the United States, we just have to make Apple believe that we are in the United States . And this is achieved by creating a new Apple account, that is, a new Apple ID.

  1. Open iTunes and see if you have version 11.1
  2. In the Store click on the bottom right where it says Change country
  3. Select United States
  4. You will be prompted for a US account, so click Create new account
  5. Create an Apple ID with your details but state that you reside in the United States
  6. Sign in to iTunes with this new account and enjoy iTunes Radio!

Finally, remember that this same account will be used to log into a iDevice and use iTunes Radio there too . Personally I’ve been using iTunes Radio since its release and I think it’s a very interesting service that gives iTunes a plus that other players or services don’t have.

Aside from comparisons with Spotify, Deezer, Rdio or any other online music service , the truth is that iTunes Radio has been seamlessly implemented into iTunes and offers something different than music on demand, something different that allows us to find and discover new songs every day.

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