iTunes Radio, Apple’s new music service


The long awaited radio service becomes a reality and after many rumours it arrives iTunes Radio . Just like other services such as Pandora, Apple’s radio service aims to be a service designed to discover new artists and music trends.

iTunes Radio, Apple’s new music service
iTunes Radio, Apple’s new music service

The service combines features of classic music services but also adds social touches such as those seen recently on Twitter Music. The application is capable of showing us the latest music trends and the “hottest” things of the moment.

iTunes Radio will be part of the iOS and iTunes music application so it is not a separate service from the current applications. To access it we will need iOS 7 and the latest versions of iTunes for Windows or Mac.

The service is designed more as a means of sale than as a pure streaming service so at all times shows an icon from which we can buy the song that is playing. The service works similarly to a Genius list so learns from our tastes and also allows us to select which songs we don’t like and don’t want to listen to again.

Although we speak of a “free” service it includes ads, although it is not known what type, although fortunately for iTunes Match users the service will be ad-free for them. At the moment it will only be available in the USA, with no date for other countries.

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