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iTunes exceeds 1 billion podcast subscriptions

1.000 millones de suscrpciones a podcast. Celébralo con podcasts geniales

Apple is celebrating a new milestone in the history of iTunes after reaching 1 billion podcast subscriptions , the audio programs popularized by the company as an alternative to traditional radio allowing users and companies to create their own programs for listeners to download and listen to later at their convenience.

iTunes exceeds 1 billion podcast subscriptions
iTunes exceeds 1 billion podcast subscriptions

Even the term finds its origin in the well-known iPods, and it was not until June 2005 with the launch of iTunes 4.9 and the specific section for podcasts in the music store that this medium exploded revealing great potential. iTunes now has 250,000 podcasts with over 8 million episodes in over 100 languages .

To mark the new record, Apple has prepared a selection of some of the most popular podcasts in history along with the most promising new developments in podcastfera. We have everything from The Beam and Nets to Sugar with Love (for cake and cupcake lovers) or NocheGeek.

I must confess that in the selection of the apple I have many radio programs camouflaged as podcasts while I miss more independently created titles, but well, for that we have the comments, so that you can recommend your favorite programs . My recommendation goes without a doubt to the friends of Gravina82.

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