iTunes – Applesfera


Within three weeks and by means of a software update for the TVs. Apple gains presence on one of the largest platforms in home TVs.

iTunes – Applesfera
iTunes – Applesfera

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“Can I connect my iPhone on your Mac to charge it for a while? I’m running low on battery”. “Let me check something on my iPhone on your Mac for a moment?” These types of questions are very common among users of Apple devices, but …

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Installing an old version of iOS on the iPhone and iPad is a long time coming, the last iTunes betas no longer allow this process to be done to get the jailbreak.

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Apple’s transfers for its own production catalog follow. The company has hired Jason Katims, a showrunner who until now has been working in Universal TV studios with series like Relativity, Roswell, Friday…

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It’s a completely logical change, but one that can also be annoying in certain situations. Apple has slightly limited the playback rights of Apple Music on the HomePod, so if you use an individual subscription…

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When the news about Samsung TVs being integrated with AirPlay 2 and the iTunes content catalog broke last year, it already seemed like something with a very important background. But now it’s not just a deal anymore…

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The video will be available exclusively on Apple Music for the next 24 hours. If you are a subscriber to the service, you can watch it now.

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Are you familiar with Snoopy? The white beagle with black ears has been a mythical character in the youth of many veterans, created by Charles M. Schultz. In the United States he was one of the main characters in the series The Peanuts, better known in…

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