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It’s the end of October and iTunes… It’s delayed to November!

The month of October was coming to an end and the new version of iTunes was not coming. Every day we waited for that software update from Apple that didn’t show up, until late yesterday we learned that it’s not that they wanted to keep the excitement going until the end, but that iTunes 11 would be delayed. We were all waiting like water for this redesign, both internally and externally, of the application to manage the multimedia content of our Macs.

I can’t say that it was an open secret but, as the days went by, loyal iTunes users were already beginning to fear a delay . And so it was, yesterday at the end of the day in Spain we found out through CNET that Apple decided to delay the release of the new version of iTunes until November.

It’s the end of October and iTunes… It’s delayed to November!
It’s the end of October and iTunes… It’s delayed to November!

The revision of the software was already a must with iCloud so widespread among users. From cloud syncing of our contacts and calendars to iTunes Match, iCloud is eating up device sync locally , either physically by cable or via Wi-Fi. With all this in mind, an iTunes in full harmony with iCloud is needed to take the cloud experience to a higher level, providing the user with a smoother experience

The announcement by Apple that this new version of iTunes would be delayed has not been long in coming:

There can be many reasons for the delay of this update but, personally I think these delays could be due to a significant improvement in the performance of iTunes Match as it lacks total fluidity at the moment, both for my taste and for many users who have expressed their discomfort with certain details of this music service.

We’ll have to wait until November to be able to access the new iTunes and see if it has that joint transparency with iCloud that is so promising. Do you think the fluidity of iCloud will improve substantially in iTunes 11? .

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