its sales may have reached 43 million units this quarter

We have already seen how estimates of Apple Watch sales have been released, and as it could not be otherwise now it is the turn of the iPhone sales estimates . We will not have official data about how many units of their phones Apple has sold, and it is a key figure to be able to have a picture of the financial health of the company.

And here you have to look not only at one report but several, because there are many discrepancies depending on the estimates you consult. If we look at IDC figures we see estimated sales of 36.4 million units of the iPhone. If we look at IHS figures, then the figure goes up to 43.8 million terminals sold. Who is right?

its sales may have reached 43 million units this quarter
its sales may have reached 43 million units this quarter

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The answer can never be 100% certain because estimates are just that: estimates. However, we can always make some contrast to the official revenue figures that Apple announced at their last press conference.

  • The company made $31.051 million selling iPhone units this last quarter, so if we divide that figure by IDC’s estimated 36.4 million units we get an average sales price of $853.
  • If we do that same operation with the IHS estimate, with 43.8 million units sold, we get an average sale price of the iPhone of $709.

A year ago, in the second fiscal quarter of 2018, Apple was still revealing the iPhone sales figures and therefore there was an official average sales price: $728. Over the last twelve months we have not stopped seeing news about how sales have slowed down and how Apple has had to lower prices to increase sales, which must have necessarily led to a lower average sales price of the iPhone .

Therefore, the estimated $709 from IHS is more feasible than the $853 from IDC , which contradicts the calculations we have mentioned. It may be even lower or even a little higher, but this is something that can only be known internally. It is an opinion that is also shared on social networks by some experts, and even on AppleInsider they consider IDC’s estimates as “almost embarrassing”:

Some other agencies remain on average : Canalys, for example, estimates that 40.2 million iPhone units have been sold. That would give an average selling price of the iPone of $770, higher than last year. Doubts have arisen again, seeing the difficulties Apple has had in selling its phones lately.

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The good news, seeing how Apple’s shares reacted after the financial results press conference, is that despite a lower sale of the iPhone there seems to be confidence in diversifying revenue towards accessories and services. This is something that we will be able to continue analyzing with the two results press conferences that remain this 2019.

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