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It’s not out yet, but we already have a spectacular review of the iPhone 8

El iPhone 8 promete ser todo pantalla pero podría traer una horrible sorpresa

Es muy probable que el aspecto del clon que posee “EverythingApplePro” sea prácticamente idéntico al del iPhone 8 final, teniendo en cuenta que está construido en vidrio y metal real . Sin embargo, el logotipo de Apple parece estar empotrado de alguna forma en la parte trasera, obviamente esto no será así en el iPhone 8 real. También, la cámara trasera parece un poco diferente a lo que ya habíamos visto en otras maquetas. Pero por el aspecto general, el tamaño del dispositivo y sus características de diseño, realmente parece un teléfono salido de Apple .

It’s not out yet, but we already have a spectacular review of the iPhone 8
It’s not out yet, but we already have a spectacular review of the iPhone 8

Se espera que Apple nos muestre su iPhone 8 (aunque puede que no acabe llamándose iPhone 8) junto con el iPhone 7s y iPhone 7s Plus el próximo mes de septiembre. Para que os hagáis una idea de lo que tendremos en 3 meses, os dejo aquí el vídeo completo de EverythingApplePro.

Whenever rumors about iPhones that have not yet come out start appearing, they do so little by little. At the beginning there are few news about it that give us a little idea of what it can incorporate , but as the day of its launch approaches the main media outlets jump on the bandwagon, causing an avalanche of models, news and rumors that flood the network.

Just a few weeks ago, models of this future iPhone 8 began to appear. Only a week ago we could see the first video of a replica of this terminal in HD. A few days ago, a new video appeared showing us in much more depth how the final design of the iPhone 8 is thought to be .

The video I’m talking about is from the “EverythingApplePro” YouTube channel. The Youtuber in charge of this channel has got one of the iPhone 8 mock-ups that have been going around the internet. This model is not a fake iPhone made of cheap plastic, we are talking about very high quality clones that use the materials that will most likely be used in the final iPhone 8 .

On the other hand, Chinese factories have recorded eight thefts of CAD files containing the iPhone 8 models . These stolen files have been used to create very high quality models made of glass and metal. These models will surely feel like the real iPhone 8 .

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