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its new version will arrive in Europe in 2020

We echoed the news at the end of last year: the new, completely redesigned version of Apple’s maps completed its expansion in the United States . The difference is noticeable when you open the application on any of the company’s devices: the detail is much greater and you can walk the streets at Street View in the big cities. A quality improvement worthy of competing with Google Maps.

Now, Apple itself has confirmed that the next stop for these new maps is Europe . The company has made this expansion official with a press release, where it states that we will see this same change in European countries ” in the coming months “.

its new version will arrive in Europe in 2020
its new version will arrive in Europe in 2020

Which European countries will those be? Well, it is not revealed, although we can vaguely deduce it by looking at how other similar platforms of the company expanded: will probably first reach countries like the UK, France, Belgium or Germany and then spread to Spain, Italy, Denmark and other Nordic countries. The rest of the continent would be done in a final expansion.

At AppleApple maps add the public transport networks of Tallinn and Rome

Although there are reasons to be optimistic and believe that in Spain it will come sooner : we have been seeing Apple cars driving around the streets of several Spanish cities for years capturing photographs and routes. In addition, in cities like Barcelona and Valencia we have also had very clear indications for a long time that an integration of Apple’s maps with public transport networks is about to become a reality.

It’s all to be expected, but for the moment we have official confirmation that the new Apple maps will set foot in Europe before the end of the year.