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It’s mandatory that you love this new copy of the iPhone

Esta es la razón por la que los fabricantes chinos copian al iPhone

Aunque parece que lleva integrada una versión muy modificada de Android o Red Star OS — el sistema operativo proveniente de Linux propio del país — está claro que para su diseño se inspiraron en el iPhone de Apple y de hecho en las fotos filtradas podemos ver iconos para llamadas, fotos, música, calendario… que se asemejan bastante a las nativas de iOS. El teléfono cuenta con un botón Home ovalado muy similar a los que podemos encontrar en terminales Android como el Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

It’s mandatory that you love this new copy of the iPhone
It’s mandatory that you love this new copy of the iPhone

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No, don’t worry, it’s not that your love for Apple has distorted your view of reality, it’s just that this new smartphone is very familiar to us . It’s called Jindallae 3 and it comes from North Korea, from the Mangyongdae Information Technology Corporation and it’s the umpteenth Asian copy of the iPhone. By the way, the launch of this phone comes right after the announcement of its first tablet manufactured in the country, called IPad, originality above all .

Although no further details have been leaked apart from the fact that it has been proudly manufactured entirely in the dreaded country of North Korea, we know that it is versatile and functional, and that it includes a number of apps necessary for people’s lives and businesses. I’d like to know how is the topic of technology journalism in a country with such a strong dictatorship as the North Korean one. Jindallae 3 comes in two colors, black and white and as you can see, it has a big screen.

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