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It’s keynote day! Follow all the news with us

UPDATE: You can now follow the event on our special live page.

The day has finally come! The first Apple keynote for this 2019 is already here, and as usual at the March events it is a special presentation focused on a particular theme. Last year it was geared towards the education market, with the presentation of the 2018 iPad finally gaining support for the Pencil. It was even held at a high school in Chicago, giving an idea of the content we were going to see there.

It’s keynote day! Follow all the news with us
It’s keynote day! Follow all the news with us

This year’s March keynote is related to the company’s big open secret in recent years: the presentation of its streaming service for series and movies. Last week, Apple was in charge of launching the hardware updates it had pending to make it clear that today they are going to talk about more than just hardware.

And so it seems: we could see what looks like a move towards a service division of the company, which could bring together Apple Music, Apple News and this new video service. Here are several questions we hope to see answered today: What about iTunes, will it change to another format to host all these new services? Or will all of this be integrated into the “TV” app , which is not yet available in Spain?

Today, throughout the day, at Apple we will offer you special content so that you are informed at the second of all that happens before, during and after the keynote. You can follow all the information with us through our social networks and special monitoring page:

Keep an eye on our social networks to be informed of the surprises we have in store for you today! Thank you all very much for sharing this important moment in Apple’s history with us, let the show begin!

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