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its development is going well

Today, on the official Sparrow application Twitter, the developers have offered us a New Year’s gift by letting us know what state their iOS application is in. Remember that Sparrow is one of the best mail clients for OS X, so we have no doubt that the same will happen with the mobile application.

More than once we have told you about Sparrow, one of the best existing mail clients for OS X and the one that is supposed to make the jump to iOS soon. This client offers us the best mail experience in a quite minimalist interface** and with a **very careful aspect.

its development is going well
its development is going well

A few months ago we started talking about the possibility that Sparrow would make the jump to iOS , especially after Google’s (quite unsuccessful) attempt with its native Gmail application, but we had no news about the development of this application until today, when the developers themselves have published the following information on Sparrow’s official twitter:

This comment caught us completely by surprise and, as a New Year’s present, we can finally confirm not only the existence of the application , but also know its icon and know what process it is in. If we go to the attached page, we can see that the application is in the 61% development phase, and we can also offer our e-mail address to add it to a list and keep track of the application’s development, so that we know when it is first released.

What can this mean? Well, the one that might end up being the best mail client for iOS might have a release date scheduled for in a short time , maybe a couple of months. Applesupportphonenumber will follow this development very closely and will offer you an analysis as soon as the application is available. We hope we are right and that it will not be too long before we can test it and that it will be as fantastic as its developer said a few months ago.

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