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its availability is exhausted in the Apple store

The AirPods Pro are off to a promising start. Or at least that’s what we can deduce from the delivery date of new units. If we check the Apple website now, we’ll see how the new AirPods Pro orders made today will be delivered next January 8th . In other words: goodbye to the rest of the Christmas campaign.

No online stock of AirPods Pro until next year

The AirPods Pro is one of the latest products to be released by Apple in 2019, with permission from the 16-inch MacBook Pro and the upcoming Mac Pro. Unlike those two devices designed for a very specific niche of users, the AirPods Pro is a mass product.

its availability is exhausted in the Apple store
its availability is exhausted in the Apple store

Perhaps that is why, at the time of writing the stock of AirPods Pro has disappeared . This is no longer the initial inventory accumulated by the company, as they were put on sale unexpectedly on October 28th. Since then, Apple has had time to manufacture new units, although it has not been able to satisfy the demand completely.

This situation is known as a break in stock, where a seller cannot meet the demand for a good due to high demand. Typically, the customer goes to another store or vendor to buy the product. In this case, you can go to reseller shops where, as we’ll see below, there is still stock in some of them.

Although the availability of the AirPods Pro in Apple’s online store has disappeared, there are still units in the physical store. Only the shop at Calle Colón in Valencia has any units left.

AirPods Pro are also becoming scarce in resellers

Fortunately, we have several resellers in the U.S. that sell Apple products. If we consult the online stock of some of them we find that already start to lack the units of AirPods Pro :

Availability in physical store also varies . This situation is exacerbated by the promotions surrounding Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Although as it is a newly announced product, there are hardly any significant discounts. Where there are certainly no stock problems is with AirPods 2. Whether we look for them with the standard or wireless charging case, their delivery is always immediate.

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According to some estimates, AirPods would have doubled their sales this year compared to last year. This would translate into up to 60 million units . Some claim that Apple plans to include the basic model in its 2020 iPhone, a production level that would be extremely difficult to achieve.

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