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“It’s almost here”, follow the keynote live on Applesfera

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We have seen many things of the possible new terminal: its shape, its basic features, its new screen… Even videos and of course all kinds of fakes are running on the net. Today Apple has a challenge : to prove that its bet, its vision of the smartphone, is still valid in the face of a market increasingly accustomed to technological innovations and with less capacity for surprise. That is why today is a very important day that we do not want you to miss.

“It’s almost here”, follow the keynote live on Applesfera
“It’s almost here”, follow the keynote live on Applesfera

I travelled to London at Apple’s invitation, where the company prepared an identical event for European media with private, real-time satellite transmission of the keynote from the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco . I will tell you minute by minute all the news, using our usual monitoring systems:

  • Tracking via CoverItLive on dedicated page: We enabled a new “live” Apple page, lighter than the usual blog and with the CoverItLive real-time viewer embedded. Although the presentation starts at 19:00 (Spanish peninsular time), possibly around 18:15 I will try to start the connection to tell you all the pre-keynote.
  • Follow via Twitter: If you prefer this option, you will only have to follow @Apple within your Twitter account, on your favorite desktop client, smartphone or access it via the web. In this account we will summarize the most important of the live follow up.

One of the most typical keynote day questions is: Will there be official public video streaming? On some occasions this has been the case, but today, and barring any last minute surprises, Apple will not be offering video streaming . We will have our usual live follow up, and when the presentation is over, I will access the Press Lounge to test and have the first contact with everything they present, which I will publish tonight.

I hope to have you on the other side of the screen on a day like today, so interesting for all technology enthusiasts. Get your popcorn ready and clear your schedule this evening: From 18:15 I want you all there!

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