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iTime, New Patent Shows Possible Apple Smartwatch

New patent for Apple’s so-called smartwatch

Although this is not the last patent registered by Tim Cook, as it is dated 2011, the latest discovery shows us Apple’s initial idea about the iWatch , or at least the one they had about 5 years ago, which is closer to the current design of the Pebble than the most innovative proposals such as the Samsung Gear Fit. In this sense, with the iWatch is not happening the same as with the iPhone in 2006, many rumors, patents, but nothing clear. Although on this occasion, we have to admit that the best thing about it is precisely that: that we have no idea what the iWatch is going to be like, if it is finally presented by Cupertino’s people.

This patent, whose number is US008787006 and was released on July 22, describes a wrist device that is quite similar to a smartwatch with the name iTime , a name that has few possibilities for the infinite uses that could be given to a device like this. Although we all know that the iPhone does a lot more than just work as a phone, which of course, it also does and very well.

What features could the Apple smartwatch have, according to this patent

iTime, New Patent Shows Possible Apple Smartwatch
iTime, New Patent Shows Possible Apple Smartwatch

In general terms, the device is quite similar to the Pebble although it has slightly wider straps, we assume that because incorporates part of the measurement sensors that the device could include . These sensors would allow us to respond to notifications or ignore them by shaking the wrist . In this way, the strap would act as a kind of “dock” for the device.

This “new” patent shows a wrist device that would be constantly connected via Bluetooth to our smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer . In addition, it would also incorporate a GPS sensor and we would be able to see the notifications of any of the above mentioned devices on our wrist.

The appearance of this document increasingly narrows the gap between rumour and reality that Apple is working on its own smart clock, although as we always say, none of this is officially confirmed by Tim Cook’s people. So we’ll have to wait and see if the long awaited and desired Apple iWatch finally arrives.

As they point out in appleinsider, neither the design nor the date of release of this possible device are yet known, but according to the analyst of KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo, it could be that its production will start in November and we could see its release at the beginning of 2015.

And you, do you think that we will finally be able to enjoy a smartwatch (whatever its name is) from Apple? what do you think about the details that we have been able to learn through this new patent? talk to us below!

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