iStudiez Pro, student management application

Taking advantage of the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad in more than just games, social networks, email and internet consultations is possible thanks to the immense catalogue that the App Store offers. With iStudiez PRO we will now be able to better organize our studios thanks to the iOS version and the next version for Mac OS X that will be released.

iStudiez Pro, student management application
iStudiez Pro, student management application

iStudiez Pro is an application, available for both iPad and iPhone, that allows us to organize our schedules, tasks and other data we may need to keep track of all aspects of our student life.

iStudiez Pro for iOS, all it has to offer

iStudiez Pro is, although it seems a bit complicated, a very simple and easy to use application. As you can see in the screenshot, in the bottom bar we will have four clearly differentiated sections. On one hand Today, Calendar, Tasks and Planner.

  • Today. This is the section where we will consult the tasks or activities we have assigned for that day and time. Thanks to them, having a class schedule that is easy to consult is simple thanks to the way the data is displayed.
  • Calendar. There’s not much to tell here. In Calendar we can see which days we have assigned tasks, activities or meetings. With two ways to be consulted, using the device vertically or horizontally. I especially like the vertical view that, thanks to a series of color points that we assign, shows us quickly how loaded we have the day.
  • Tasks. The following section shows all the tasks that we have introduced in a chronological way. To these we can also assign different levels of priority as well as alarms to remind us.
  • Planner. This is where we can add or edit tasks. Within the Planner we will distinguish three sections: Semesters, Holidays and Teachers (subject, contact email and web, phones).

But it’s not all there. One of the advantages of iStudiez Pro is that the timing of iCal and the application itself merge into one. So any changes we make to our iCal application on Mac OS X will synchronize with our iOS device and therefore with iStudiez Pro.

In addition allows you to make “backups” thanks to the backup function included in the application. With it, what we do is send an email where a file with all the existing information in iStudiez Pro is included.

iStudiez Pro, soon to be released for Mac OS X

Shortly, as announced on the web, iStudiez Pro will have a version for Mac OS X so that it’s easier for us to enter appointments, tasks or activities that will then be synchronized via the internet with all the devices where we have iStudiez Pro.


If you are looking for an application to organize and help in your life as a student, iStudiez Pro seems to me to be a great option that also has a quite reasonable price 2.39.

While it is true that all this can be done with the iCal application itself, the Agenda and some task manager can do it but the advantage of iStudiez Pro is the unification in one place , under the same interface and all the benefits that this implies.

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