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iStudiez Pro, organize your studies

iStudiez Pro (7,99€)

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iStudiez Pro, organize your studies
iStudiez Pro, organize your studies

Calendars are not left out of this virtual ecosystem, iStudiez is a proposal of how a good virtual agenda should be to organize your studies.

Sometimes physical calendars or diaries have some notable limitations when it comes to productivity , iStudiez is an alternative to traditional diaries in the form of an application, available for Mac OS X and iOS, serves to organize the student’s day: note down homework, organize study time, add classes, work to be done, etc.

iStudiez Pro for Mac features five tabs on its interface:

  • Teachers: Here we can add or remove teachers with their name, e-mail and other options.
  • Vacation: This section, like the previous one, is used to add periods or days off from school.
  • General: In this section we will find the schedule of the day or week along with the monthly calendar.
  • Tasks: Its use is similar to the OS X reminder application but with more possibilities when adding a note.
  • Planner: This is where we are going to put all the data related to the studies: Semesters, subjects, schedules, classes, practices… What we publish here will be automatically seen in the General tab.

In addition, iStudiez Pro offers the option of cloud sync through a personalized service similar to iCloud, which will be really useful if you have a Mac as well as an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod touch, and can further improve our productivity.

Here I leave the video where it is explained a little better how to squeeze all the features that this application offers us.

In conclusion, we could say that iStudiez Pro is a good alternative for those who need to have everything organized in terms of study , to be able to make the most of their study time, being confident that they will not forget to do anything, since iStudiez will give notice before the deadline of a work or the day before an exam.

I personally use it quite a lot and I especially like the synchronization with my iPod touch, which although it is an older model without iCloud support works quite well with the independent cloud sync service presented by the developers, so I can have my whole schedule at hand without having to turn on the computer .

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