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iSight Camera Comparison

The iPhone SE is now a reality and comes with some quite interesting technical features, including the camera. The iPhone SE has the same rear camera as the iPhone 6s , so in general the photos and videos taken with both devices should have the same quality … or not?

Today at iPadizate we bring you a comparison of the rear camera of both models, to see if there are differences between the results obtained in the photos taken with an iPhone SE and an iPhone 6s. In addition, we also show you a small video to see if there are differences in both cameras when recording video with 4K resolution.

iSight Camera Comparison
iSight Camera Comparison

Both the iPhone SE and iPhone 6s have a 12-megapixel iSight camera with an f2.2 aperture and both have 4K video recording capability . The main difference, so to speak, is that the camera on iPhone 6s protrudes slightly from the case, while the camera on iPhone SE does not.

he guys at 9to5Mac have conducted a series of tests with both smartphone models and have taken several pictures in different conditions. At first glance you could say that there are no big differences between the photos taken with the iPhone SE and the iPhone 6s, something that was totally to be expected considering that they use the same sensor in their iSight camera.

On the other hand, they have made a small video comparing several images recorded with the iPhone SE and the iPhone 6s , all of them in 4K quality. There are not many differences in this respect either, but it is clear that both smartphones offer truly incredible quality.

The iPhone SE has a starting price of £489 for the 16GB capacity model , a fairly affordable price for a device capable of achieving results with the camera as impressive as those of the iPhone 6s. So if you’re still using an older model of the Apple smartphone because you want a model with a larger screen the iPhone SE is a very interesting alternative and at a fairly affordable price.

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