iShows 2 para iPhone y iPad: Sigue tus favoritos de la serie

The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul, Game of Thrones, The Flash, Modern Family… The series grid today could not be more complete and exciting. If you usually lie in bed with your iPhone or iPad to enjoy your favorite series , you will surely be interested in the second version of iShows , an iOS app highly recommended.

I personally consider myself an addict to series, and I have to recognize that keeping track of their programming and organizing the seasons or episodes of each series can be really difficult and very chaotic if we don’t have the right tools, especially if we like too many series.

iShows 2 para iPhone y iPad: Sigue tus favoritos de la serie
iShows 2 para iPhone y iPad: Sigue tus favoritos de la serie

Since the removal of the links in, many users have looked for all kinds of alternatives to view, organize and follow their favorite series . In the App Store there are some pretty interesting options, such as TVShow Time or the popular iTV Shows 3.

iShows 2 arrives with a renewed and more intuitive design

iShows 2 works in a very similar way to the two applications mentioned above. In addition to allowing us to organize and follow our favorite series, the application also gives us the option to discover new TV series and synchronize all the contents of the app thanks to the external service

As you may have found out by now, iShows 2 for iPhone and iPad allows us to find the most current, exciting, and thrilling TV series in an easy, fast, and entertaining way thanks to the intuitiveness of its new design.

As our colleagues in Applesencia point out, the user interface of iShows 2 is now much more visual, clean and concise . Something that helps, and a lot, to take a good organization and a good follow-up of the series that we like the most.

Download iShows 2 for iPhone and iPad

Do you like watching shows on your iPhone or iPad? If so, you can’t miss the iShows 2 app on your iOS device. Unlike many other apps of the same genre, is 100% free , although it does offer in-app shopping which allows us to include and organize unlimited series.

You want to download it? Click or tap on the next button!

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The App Store offers a large number of apps that allow us to complement and combine the functions of iShows 2 to watch series from iPhone and iPad. Which is your favorite app to follow your favorite series and movies? We hope to see you in the comments!

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