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Is your device defective? This is how the warranty works at Apple

There are many reasons why the user chooses a certain mobile device. The aesthetics, the camera, its operating system, the quality of its screen, its size, the battery or its storage space are some of the most classic. However, there is another reason that tends to be a determining factor for most buyers -more so when a bad experience is involved-, the company’s after-sales service .

Having a problem with your device soon after you buy it is a chore, yes, but it is even more annoying if the service department behind the company you bought the terminal from is not up to the task . Even more so when today’s devices – for example an Apple Watch – are more expensive than a computer.

Is your device defective? This is how the warranty works at AppleIs your device defective? This is how the warranty works at Apple

Apple has its good things and its bad things, like all companies, but its customer service after the sale of some of its products is one of the best we can find, without being nearly perfect .

In this article we will see how to make use of this guarantee against any setback that may arise in our device: the steps to follow for sending it and the response time of the SAT itself.

Apple and your warranty

Contrary to what we may believe, Apple’s warranty on its products is only one year . During this time, we can send our device to Apple’s technical support and have it repaired, free of charge – as long as the damage is not due to user misuse.

To find out if this warranty is in effect for our device, we must check the Apple-enabled website to check your support and maintenance coverage .

The sending process

Once the coverage of our device has been checked, if in your case you experience any kind of problem with your Cupertino signature terminal, we will proceed to request the sending of the repair of it, or on the contrary, its replacement . To carry out this process, we proceed to request the creation of a repair order.

  1. We access the Apple support website.
  2. We chose the device we’re sending in for repair.
  3. We select the component where we have problems. If after a few small recommendations we don’t solve the problem, we will see a menu like the one below, in which Apple recommends us to send in for repair.
  4. It will ask us for the IMEI code or serial number of our device – in the case of the former, we can find it by typing the command *

    Once the appointment has been made, the delivery man will take our terminal and give us a follow-up number. Once the product has been collected, the time it takes to return it is usually about 7 working days on average – sometimes more, sometimes less -, letting us know, through the mail provided, what diagnosis they have of the device, what repairs they are going to make or if they are going to replace the equipment.

    After the final report, it will take an average of 3 days for the team to arrive at our hands with a report where Apple briefly explains what has been done to the team in question .

    The warranty from this point on will be the same, but it is advisable to carefully check the error of the device, in case it persists to send it back as soon as possible .

    Apple SAT ratings and experiences

    As you can see, this is an efficient technical service. Another thing is the repair of the breakdown carried out by the same . I didn’t write this article on a whim, but based on my own experience after sending my iPhone 6S twice to review a problem that occurred when I made a call, which was basically that no one could hear me after the minute I made a call. On both occasions the professionalism of the delivery person, the delivery process, and the return time were more than adequate, which is to be thankful. However, the result of the repair was not so good, since the first time with the repair they did not solve anything and with the second they returned it as it was, seeing me forced to get rid of it.

    In short, if you look hard at the after-sales service, with Apple you will find solutions very quickly and with a good follow-up, even if sometimes these are not the expected ones .

    Did you have to send any of your products to Apple’s technical support? Tell us about your experiences .