Is this the new iPhone?


In Engadget they are showing some images about an unknown iPhone model , apparently found in a bar in San Jose ( in California ), inside a case for an iPhone 3G. Yeah, I think it’s weird too. In any case, Engadget says they are going to investigate it thoroughly, since it seems they will have access to it.

Is this the new iPhone?
Is this the new iPhone?

But if all this seems strange to you, there’s more: A Tennessee blogger named TUDream tweeted two months ago some photos of a possible new-generation iPhone prototype… exactly like the model that has been “found” at Engadget. TUDream made it clear a few minutes ago in the TwitPic photo that he is not the author of them, but saved them when he saw a Chinese twitter user posting them on the Internet.

Engadget says they will soon publish more information about the strange finding, although in the meantime ( and just in case ), it seems that this model of iPhone has 80GB of memory, front camera ( if you look at the images you can see ) and as far as it seems, the operating system does not boot right now. In the photo gallery you have all the images for you to take a look.

What to think? Aside from the “movie” aspect of it all, the design of this found model reminds me more of a Sony Ericsson than a new Apple phone. It is true that the company of the apple usually breaks in aesthetics with the previous generation, but we always see an evolution in the lines that, as you can see, is not followed in this model.

Maybe a prototype? It is possible, that the final design wants to be protected at all costs, wrapping the new iPhone in a totally different and differentiable housing from the current range, and that it could change when it goes out to the street. I wouldn’t even rule out the possibility that it is a Chinese clone, you know how some imitators spend their time and can even confuse the most trained.

However, that a publication like Engadget is giving it so much credibility, it deserves our attention and expectations. We will see what they discover about the finding, because if it is true, it would serve to certify two things: The first, that we will have a new iPhone soon, and the second, that security at Apple is no longer what it used to be.

Thank you to our reader Farve for sending us the clue!

Final update : One of our readers (Ivan Meneses) sent us photos of a possible Japanese clone of the iPhone, which apparently had the same shape of the device we have talked about here. We have pressed our reader Ivan Meneses (user “meneses_pro”) to send us more information about the photos of the prototype he sent us, asking him for a video, and he has ended up confessing us that his photos are a fake. We are very sorry for all the confusion, but we wanted to continue until the end to finally know if his photos were authentic. So, we’re still left with the mystery of whether Engadget’s photos are from the new iPhone 4G or not…


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