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Is this the most phony iPhone 8 leak we’ve ever seen?

As we have said many times, rumors and leaks are sometimes so abundant that they become boring. Many times they are perfectly credible, but by repetition they become tiresome. But at other times the truth is that the rumors and leaks are so low quality or so rare that they are simply not credible. And this is the case with the “leak” on the iPhone 8 or iPhone Edition that we just received.

One more supposed leak, but will it really be the iPhone 8 or iPhone Edition?

The presentation of the next iPhone is getting closer and closer. Today we start the countdown, because there are only 10 days left! Until that day September 12th more and more rumors and leaks will appear about the iPhone 8 and the iPhone Edition, since Apple is in a hurry to manufacture as many units as possible, and in a hurry it’s always possible that something will be missed. But this doesn’t mean that we should believe all the rumors and leaks that are published.

Is this the most phony iPhone 8 leak we’ve ever seen?
Is this the most phony iPhone 8 leak we’ve ever seen?

For example, let’s see the following video that was leaked today:


What do you think of that video? Do you think it is credible? Do you think it is really the future iPhone 8 or iPhone Edition? Will this be a mobile created by the real Apple?

To us on the writing team the truth is that seems false . The quality of the video is very low, which could have been done to make it seem more credible or to make it less noticeable. In addition, the appearance seems to us to be very neglected, and the aesthetics not very appropriate for a company of Apple’s caliber. Still, it’s worth sharing the video with you to judge for yourself, as it’s still likely to be real (although hopefully it’s a prototype if it’s true).

Why are there false rumors and false leaks?

Obviously people don’t generate false rumors or create false leaks for fun or because they are bored, the reason is beyond that.

One of the main factors that make people do this kind of practice is the money . And where does that money come from? Well, normally it comes from advertising, but in some very special cases it may also come from selling the exclusive to a medium (although this is very rare).

But an even more important aspect is that of popularity . In today’s world being popular is very important, and that’s why these practices of falsifying rumors or leaks are often published on Twitter, YouTube or other social networks. Finally, there is another factor that can incite us to do this: harm or benefit such and such a company. But this is a very complicated thing to do.

Possible iPhone 8 “filtered” on Weibo, a Chinese social network.

How do these leaks or rumors spread?

As in everything, there are some news items that go further than others. In particular, the video we saw today on iPhone 8 didn’t get very widespread. Why? Simply because is not very credible , and therefore few blogs or websites echoed the news.

And that is precisely how rumors and leaks are distributed. If it’s credible and it gets published in a more or less known medium , the complicated one is done. The news will be distributed as fast as gunpowder, and once it reaches the most relevant English or American media there will be no one left to stop this domino effect. Habemus new rumorfiltration!

Allegedly the manufacturing image of the iPhone 8 or iPhone Edition.


As a conclusion from all this we could draw that we can’t trust anything we read on the Internet, no matter how credible it may seem or from the sites where you read it. I would say that we should always check the information with several sites, but the truth is that with the subject of rumors and leaks our criteria is the best option.

All this has been my personal opinion along with my own research, but what do you think about all this? Why do you think people believe false rumors or leaks? How do you think all this news spreads?