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Is this the iPhone 7?

We are still a few months away from seeing the iPhone 7 but we are in the time when rumors and leaks are starting to emerge more than regularly every day . If a few days ago we were talking about a possible iPhone 7 case, today the first images of the supposed chassis are coming out.

In a very similar way to how the first images of the iPhone 6 appeared two years ago, from the 3d model made in computer of the chassis, in these images you can see what could be the chassis of the iPhone 7 , in which we can appreciate more than one difference with respect to the design of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s.

Is this the iPhone 7?Is this the iPhone 7?

If we stick to the design itself, we can see that it will be an evolution, and not a revolution , with respect to the iPhone 6, improving and polishing aspects without breaking with the aesthetic line of previous models. It doesn’t seem that there will be a change as big as the one from the iPhone 5s to the iPhone 6 and this is not necessarily bad.

The first thing that calls our attention is undoubtedly the change in the horizontal stripes that would partially disappear leaving only those located more at the ends of the housing following the contour, the less visible ones. This way one of the biggest complaints about the design of iPhone 6 would disappear.

Another highlight of these images is the size of the camera well, which seems considerably larger than the current iPhone 6s. This indicates changes and may be in line with rumours of a dual camera system .

It’s not easy to discern whether these are real images or are a fake like many others but the fact that it coincides chronologically with the time when the first images of the iPhone 6 chassis were leaked may give it some credibility. Anyway, won’t be the last leak we have between now and September so this could change from one day to the next.