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Is this the first video of an iPhone 8 on?

During the last months we have seen a lot of supposed leaks of how the iPhone 8 will be: schemes, renders, models and even photos of components of the device. But in all this time what has not appeared is any video or photo showing a iPhone 8 with iOS 11 on .

But now, a week before the official announcement of the terminal, a video has appeared in which you can see what appears to be a working iPhone 8 .

Is this the first video of an iPhone 8 on?
Is this the first video of an iPhone 8 on?

As is usual in this type of leak, we have certain doubts about its veracity. On the one hand it is quite shocking that during the video (which lasts a few seconds) the hardware of the device is not seen at any time and only the screen on is differentiated. On the other hand it also makes us doubt the fact that the video quality is so bad and that the screen is blurred in practically the whole clip.

It’s true that the video could have been secretly recorded in a badly lit place and therefore cannot be seen better, but that doesn’t fit too well with having apps installed beyond the operating system’s natives.

All this makes us think that maybe it could be an Android device with a theme simulating iOS 11 and that the notch at the top of the screen could be being simulated by the software itself or even a terminal that also has that space.

In any case, on September 12th, we’ll be out of the woods during Apple’s new iPhone launch event. Will this really be an iPhone 8 on? Will the apps work in combination with that “notch” at the top of the screen?

What do you think? Do you think this is the first images of an iPhone 8 on?