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Is the purchase of a MacBook Air still recommended?

Apple currently has 3 models of laptops for sale: MacBook Pro, MacBook and MacBook Air. The first two have been recently upgraded and are expected to incorporate new processors and the ability to choose more RAM at WWDC, but if we focus on the latest model mentioned, the MacBook Air, are we still recommending it?

Design and comfort

MacBook Air is definitely a brilliant device in this regard. It’s been around for generations, but it still has a place on the podium of lightweight laptops and ultrabooks.
Its lightness and minimal thickness make it a perfect notebook for those looking for extreme portability who can’t stretch their budget to the £1,449 that the basic MacBook model just costs.

Is the purchase of a MacBook Air still recommended?Is the purchase of a MacBook Air still recommended?

Thickness MacBook Air and MacBook

Processor and performance

It is true that since 2015 their hardware is not updated but, all of you who know Cupertino’s people, you will know that they do a great job in terms of software, so their hardware is maintained for a long period of time without being obsolete.

On Apple’s official website we can find it with an Intel Core i5 at 1.6GHz as a starting point, but we can extend the capacity of the processor to an Intel Core i7 at 2.2GHz.


What to say about Mac OS that we don’t already know. It is a stable, reliable, easy to use and highly intuitive operating system.
For those of you who are not familiar with the benefits of the apple’s desktop operating system, here is a video in which Fernando and David give you some advice for newcomers to the platform (insert YouTube video)

macOS Sierra


In the past, this model of MacBook was sold with two different screen sizes: 11 and 13 inches; currently, at least on the official website of Apple and the major retailers, only the 13-inch model is available.

Leaving the size issue aside, the MacBook Air screen is very good, as we are used to Apple.

It has a widescreen LED-backlit display with a resolution of 1440×900 pixels.


That’s one of the strengths of this MacBook, its battery life. Historically, Apple notebooks have outperformed Windows in many ways, and one of these is undoubtedly the capacity of its battery, which can last for up to 10 hours of medium-intensive use.

Recommended places to buy

As a first and most obvious option, can be purchased at any physical Apple Store or on their website , where you will find two starting configurations:

  • 13 inches with 128Gb SSD storage and 8Gb RAM at a price of 1,099
  • 13 inches with 256Gb SSD storage and 8Gb RAM at a price of 1,349

As a second option, we can acquire it in Carrefour, where we will find the basic model of 13 inches, 128Gb of storage and 8Gb of RAM for a price of 935 ?.

As a third option, we can refer to MediaMarkt, where we can currently purchase the basic model above for only 899 ?.

On Amazon it is also available for a price of 930 euros, a rather interesting price.

Conclusion and who to recommend it to

Considering the prices mentioned above, we see how a laptop is not extremely expensive if we want to enter the Mac world.

In my opinion, it is still an absolutely valid laptop for any kind of daily task, whether it is photo editing, office automation, checking your mail, using it as a multimedia device to watch movies and even to edit videos at an amateur level. It is true that its features are not the latest on the market or the most powerful, but for the tasks we have named it is perfect.

I would recommend this MacBook to people who need a lightweight device because they are constantly on the move or traveling ; to students , as it is a perfect ally when taking notes in college, for example; or even to those people who want to venture into video editing but without many pretensions, as it is not a device designed for that kind of task.